4 The Culture Retreat

4 The Culture Retreat

4 The Culture Retreat© is an Immersive Wellness Retreat Series, created by Hip Hop 4 Peace© (HH4PEACE), to address the mental health and wellness of creatives, crew, and executives during music festivals, concert tours, and large entertainment events. From the strength of our ancestors and the wisdom of our indigenous elders, curated focus areas explore four types of self-awareness through the Casel framework (Aspirational, Perceptual, Relational, and Somatic Awareness). Culturally competent facilitators provide free retreat-style activations designed to refresh, recharge, and reframe participants. 4 The Culture Retreat is a serene pop-up refuge from the vigors of production and life on the road.

Hip Hop 4 Peace is a proud member of the United States Federation, UNESCO Clubs, Center, and Associations.


1916 Pike Place Suite 12 Seattle, WA 98101


We are an all volunteer organization. Please contact us to volunteer.

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