Seed 2 Cypher Initiative

Seed 2 Cypher Initiative

Hip-Hop 4 Peace in partnership with the CA State Chapter of the United States Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centers, and Associations will launch the Seed 2 Cypher Initiative ©, a neighborhood-based therapeutic horticulture program designed to increase mental wellness, mindfulness, and peacebuilding in Black, Hispanic, LGBTQ+ and other vulnerable communities. Using the standards and guidelines set forth by the American Horticultural Therapy Association and music-based therapy principles, the Seed 2 Cypher Initiative aims to: promote people-plant interaction and activities, reduce stress, anxiety, and trauma-related behaviors in youth and adults, increase healthy fresh food options in underserved communities, and provide a peaceful therapeutic garden where hip-hop music and culture can be enjoyed.

Hip Hop 4 Peace is a proud member of the United States Federation, UNESCO Clubs, Center, and Associations.


1916 Pike Place Suite 12 Seattle, WA 98101


We are an all volunteer organization. Please contact us to volunteer.

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